Perfect Progressive Tenses Quiz

Identify the correct form of the perfect progressive tense for the following quiz.

1. By the end of the term, she ______________________ for nine years.

2. Richard needed a holiday because he _________________ hard for six months.

3. They ___________________ a new gadget since last year.

4. We’re late. I think they ____________________ for us. We’d better hurry up.

5. When I found Susie, I could see that she _________________.

6. She ______________ in the village since 1995.

7. _______ you _________________ when we will come here for dinner tomorrow?

8. I ____________________ for a long time during the rainy evening.

9. You’ve lost a lot of weight. _________ you ______________  to the gym?

10. I hadn’t seen them for a long time. ________ they ______________ football for a month?

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Perfect Progressive Tenses