Perfect Continuous Tenses Quiz

Identify the correct form of perfect progressive tense for the following quiz.

1. You _______________________ for six straight months when you take the TOEFL exam.

2. Anna was frightened when she woke up in the middle of the night. She ________________ a bad dream.

3. Recently, Jade __________________everyday.

4. By then, we ___________________________ at this university for three years.

5. I was sad when my local cafe closed. I ________________ there for many years.

6. I ___________________ all day long. I am very hungry.

7. ________ you __________________ enough to lose weight by your wedding?

8. Yesterday, Farnaz’s phone was faulty. She ________________ to repair the phone the whole day.

9. How long ______ you _____________ the book?

10. ________ it _____________ for a long time before you went for a walk?

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Perfect Continuous Tenses