Perfect Tenses Quiz

Find the correct perfect tense verb for the following questions.

1. I went downstairs because I ___________ a noise.

2. We _____________ watching Star Wars and now we can start watching The Empire Strikes Back.

3. I ________________ into my new office by the end of this month.

4. Why ________ you _____________ the bathroom before you bathed the dog?

5. ________ you ever __________  to write with your left hand?

6. The students _________________ all their exams tomorrow. I am sure they will be happy.

7. The waitress served something that I ________________.

8. I feel exhausted. I still _________________ from the jet lag.

9. Casey McQuiston __________________ her new book in the May month of this year.

10. The dome of the Blue Mosque at Isfahan is the most beautiful building I _______ ever ________.

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Perfect Tenses