All Perfect Tenses Quiz

Find the correct perfect tense verb for the following questions.

1. Karen didn’t come to the cinema with us. She _________ already ___________ the movie.

2. I can’t log on to the website. I _______________ my password.

3. Next year Mimi and Ahtong ______________ married for 50 years.

4. Anna had just got home when I phoned. She _______________ at her mother’s house.

5. _________ you __________ my skirt? I can’t find it anywhere.

6. By the end of the summer, we ________________ all the most important cities in Europe.

7. The house was dirty. They ______________ it for weeks.

8. I ____________ my lunch yet, therefore I’m hungry.

9. Please, come at 8. By that time, I _________________ my work and we can go out.

10. Mark travels a lot. When I first met him, he ________ already _____________ around the world.

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All Perfect Tenses