Food Phrasal Verbs Quiz

Fill up the sentences with the correct food phrasal verbs.

Phrasal Verbs Made Easy: How to use phrasal verbs effectively

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1. I am surprised that my mom _________ so many dishes for my friends when they visit us.

2. After spotting the free meal sign, the family ___________ until they felt sick.

3. Apparently, Jason was ill because he had only __________ his dinner and then gone to rest.

4. We'll have to ________ at least twice today since everything gets messed up while moving home.

5. The kids ____________ the cake at my son's birthday party, as they liked the flavour.

6. During intermittent fasting, some people only _________ fruits and water.

7. My doctor advised me to _________ on dairy and gluten due to frequent stomach aches.

8. Perhaps you should _______ your supper before it becomes cold. It must not be reheated.

9. _________ all of the veggies on your plate to build stronger muscles.

10. As soon as my son gets home from school, he opens the drawer to _________ anything he finds.

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Food Phrasal Verbs