Phrasal Verbs - in/out Quiz

Fill the sentences with the correct phrasal verb.

Phrasal Verbs Made Easy: How to use phrasal verbs effectively

2 mins read

1. Could you ______ this questionnaire? It will only take five minutes.

2. Lisa doesn’t like cooking, so she _________ a lot.

3. I _____________ after paying the motel charge.

4. Be careful! The water isn’t very deep here, so don’t _______.

5. I’ve got a new apartment. I’m __________ on Friday.

6. Some of the names on the list had been ___________.

7. Gary went to university but ____________ after a year.

8. The washing machine isn’t working because you haven’t ________ it ___.

9. The man said he was a cop and I believed him. I was completely _________.

10. The thief tried to _________ through the door.

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Phrasal Verbs - in/out