Phrasal Verbs with 'take' Quiz

Fill the sentences with the correct phrasal verb.

Phrasal Verbs Made Easy: How to use phrasal verbs effectively

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1. Chadwick’s fans were ___________ at the news of his sudden death.

2. My relatives are coming to visit for the weekend, so I’d want to _____ them _________the city tomorrow.

3. My husband has _________ gardening now that he’s retired.

4. By 2025, the company is projected to _________ their rival in the production of microchips.

5. We’ll __________ the goods only if you can produce the receipt.

6. With all the hidden fees, taxes, and surcharges, they _____ me ____ almost $500!

7. The tow truck came and _____ the abandoned car ______.

8. I’ve _________ a new project at work in addition to my normal responsibilities.

9. I believed him when he stated he was a cop. I was really ____________.

10. You can _________ three books at a time from the library.

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Phrasal Verbs with 'take'