Prefixes and Suffixes Quiz

Choose the correct Prefix/Suffix

1. One drawback to vintage watches can be the __________ of the bracelet. (heavy)

2. There’s a ___________ farmyard in my grandfather’s house. (wonder)

3. _________ all your blunt knives before cooking. (sharp)

4. When my sister feels sad, she tends to __________ into her bedroom. (appear)

5. Nasty bumps on __________ is common in wrestling. (head)

6. Mike has a collection of ________ jackets. (style)

7. You don’t need to __________ the pastry before baking the pumpkin pie. (bake)

8. I’m sorry, I’m ________ to come to your party. (able)

9. Mike Pence __________ with everything I say. (agree)

10. _________ slowly. (hale)

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Prefixes and Suffixes