Prepositional Phrases with 'by' Quiz

Complete the sentences with appropriate preposition with 'by'.

1. Phil, you’ve got to win this competition _________________.

2. Your swimming won't improve straight away, but it will only get better ___________.

3. This is my favourite sweater because my mother made it _________.

4. People are queuing _____________ to watch my performance.

5. I was so sleepy that I threw away my bowl ____________.

6. Lenza is optimistic __________. She always sees the bright side of things.

7. The gossip about the famous actress spread ________________.

8. Orrick knew powerful people, so he got into the diplomatic service _________________.

9. The facilitator insisted they had done everything ____________.

10. My father can still recite poetry _________ that he learnt in school.

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Prepositional Phrases with 'by'