Prepositional Phrases with 'for' Quiz

Complete the sentences with appropriate preposition with 'for'.

1. My name is Williams but my friends call me Wills __________.

2. Don’t take your wife ____ ________, appreciate her.

3. There are boats available ________ at the harbour to get to that island.

4. Alby says he’s going back to his home country _________.

5. Leandra closed all the windows ___________ rain.

6. Solar thermal technology, ____________, can be used to harness for this energy.

7. The dentist kept me waiting _________.

8. Nobody seems to know ___________ what is going on there.

9. We’re happy in our flat _______________, but we may want to move to a house in the near future.

10. In breathing exercises, we must hold our breath _______________ before exhaling.

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Prepositional Phrases with 'for'