Prepositional Phrases with 'on' Quiz

Complete the sentences with appropriate preposition with 'on'.

1. Mathew was ___________ for two years after false allegations were made against him.

2. Perhaps Zuzanna had been placed under oversight _____________ her association with the Spaniards.

3. Staffs are _________ in case the conference activity hours become extremely busy.

4. Sri Lanka is not even ________________ recovering from its worst economic crisis.

5. Kiran cancelled her son's swim lesson ___________ after hearing from her husband.

6. Our family doctor has a fountain of knowledge and his observations are always ___________.

7. On Christmas Eve 1984, Alastair Cook entered the world ______________ of western England.

8. _____________, perhaps we should sell our house and buy a luxurious villa.

9. The students feel ________ as they prepare to take their last GCSE exam.

10. Nowadays, Hamza and Zamari are ______________; they reconciled after their fight.

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Prepositional Phrases with 'on'