Prepositional Phrases With 'to' Quiz

Select the appropriate prepositional phrase from the given options to complete each sentence.

1. I believe that tourists inspire architects _____________.

2. Pierre and Marie had a passion for science ___________.

3. ___________, Jos helped the disabled woman despite not understanding the situation.

4. I'd like __________ this lesson by summarising the important points I've covered.

5. Manchester is _________ of Birmingham.

6. ______________, I'm tired of listening to her talk, and I fell asleep in the middle of it.

7. __________ my knowledge, they will submit the project work tomorrow.

8. Much __________ of her fans, Jacqui announced her retirement.

9. It felt easy ___________ this work, but now it's difficult.

10. __________, I haven't told him about my personality disorder.

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Prepositional Phrases With 'to'