Prepositions Challenge Quiz

Choose the right preposition from the given options to complete each sentence.

1. We will be sharing the document _______ G-Drive.

2. Water covers most _______ the earth’s surface.

3. The building's tower is just __________ the cloud.

4. I saw an elephant ______ the road.

5. I have to go _____ the bank.

6. I felt quite refreshed _________ taking a bath.

7. We will wait ________ a quarter past seven.

8. I love going ice skating _________ the winter.

9. There is an extensive backyard _________ the house.

10. Australasia now produces only a little amount ______ cotton.

11. Our office is ____________ the Westfield mall.

12. The server room is ________ the stairwell.

13. The puppy is running ________ the van.

14. We drove __________ Paris on the way to Luxembourg.

15. We walked slowly ________ the woods, enjoying the breeze.

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Prepositions Challenge