Prepositions - On time/In time/Just in time Quiz

Complete the sentences with appropriate preposition of on time/in time/just in time

1. The conference was well-organised. Everything began and finished _______.

2. We got to the station ____________ for our train.

3. It is hoped that the new stadium will be ready ________ for the tournament later this year.

4. We want to start the meeting ________, so please don’t be late.

5. The film was supposed to start at 8.30, but it didn’t begin ________.

6. A teen rushed into the road in front of my car, but I managed to stop ____________.

7. I sent Amy a birthday present. I hope it arrives ________.

8. I arrived there _______ for the parade.

9. Why are you never ________? You always keep everybody waiting.

10. A sharp-eyed secretary noticed the mistake ____________.

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Prepositions - On time/In time/Just in time