Prepositions Practice Quiz

Choose the right preposition from the given options to complete each sentence.

1. Success ______ passing examinations depend on good time management and careful revision.

2. I needed to refer _______ the previous literature _______ the topic.

3. Everyone can benefit ________ a better road system.

4. Many residents do not have much confidence ________ the new mayor.

5. I had to choose _________ qualitative and quantitative research.

6. We can take 10 people to the trip ________ we have a minivan.

7. Some of the tenants are angry about the lack _______ parking spaces in the area.

8. Is Rozalija Lithuanian? For some reason, I was _________ the impression that she was Russian.

9. We drove _________ the coastline of Dorset.

10. The selection panel consists of eight professors _________ different faculties, including two _________ the School of Medicine.

11. In a small fishing community ________ Alaska, I strolled _______to an airstrip, and my mind immediately went _______ climbing.

12. We arrived ______ Felixstowe Beach just ________ sunrise. It was an incredible experience ______ all of us.

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Prepositions Practice