Prepositions with Nouns Quiz

Complete the sentences with appropriate noun and preposition.

1. Ricky Gervais has a _________ stand-up comedy.

2. I can’t open this door. Do you have a _______ the other door?

3. I used to have a ________ eating dessert after each meal.

4. Michael Bradley has an _____________ football.

5. Amy gave an incorrect __________ the teacher's question.

6. Nora wants to hear the ____________ her favourite character again.

7. Thank you for the _____________ your gender reveal party.

8. Sophia has resigned from her job. I don’t know her __________ doing this.

9. I had a ________ the town and could find my way about.

10. There are some _________________ British and American English.

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Prepositions with Nouns