All Present Tenses Quiz

Find the correct present verb tense form for the following questions.

1. I sent Ethan, three emails last week but he ______________ to any of them yet.

2. You ___________ the saxophone every night.

3. Can I phone you back later? I ___________ lunch right now.

4. I __________ he is a wonderful student.

5. You’re all wet. What ________ you ______________?

6. Bob and Mia _______ already __________ where they are going on vacation.

7. You’re very quiet this evening. What _________________ about?

8. I __________ what you’re saying to me but I don’t agree.

9. Guests __________ for their dessert, and you ___________ my work.

10. The children __________________ happily all their evenings.

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All Present Tenses