Continuous Tenses Quiz

Identify the correct continuous verb tense form for the following quiz.

1. The government _______________ a statement about the crisis later today.

2. I heard you started a new job. ________ you ____________ it?

3. We _____________ the party, but Kate wanted to go home.

4. You have no chance of getting the job. You _______________ your time if you apply.

5. The population of the world _____________ very fast.

6. I hurt my back while I _____________ in the garden.

7. Half an hour from now, the cinema will be full. Everyone ________________ the film.

8. Tim ______________ today. He’s taken the day off.

9. Sam took a picture of me while I _______________.

10. This time next week, I ____________ on the beach.

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Continuous Tenses