React Class vs Functional Components Quiz

Test your understanding of React Class Components and Functional Components

React Quiz #02 - Class Components vs Functional Components in React

5 mins read

1. Which component type is recommended for leveraging React's error boundary concept?

2. Which hook can be used to replicate the behavior of "componentDidUpdate" with specific state or prop values to watch for changes?

3. Which component type allows better optimization for code-splitting and lazy loading?

4. Which lifecycle method is used to perform state updates after a class component has been re-rendered?

5. Which hook provides similar functionality to "componentWillUnmount" in class components?

6. React Class components are simpler to test and lead to better performance when compared to Functional components.

7. What is the equivalent hook for the "shouldComponentUpdate" lifecycle method in class components?

8. Which lifecycle method should be used in a class component to prevent unnecessary re-renders?

9. What is the equivalent hook for "getSnapshotBeforeUpdate" in class components?

10. Which hook can be used to achieve the behavior of "getDerivedStateFromProps" in class components?