Reflexive Pronouns - Intermediate Level Quiz

Choose the correct option

1. Killing ________ is considered a sin in many cultures.

2. Molly is trying to market ________ as a consultant.

3. Don’t worry about the plants. I’ll water them _______.

4. When I get home I like to relax _____. I lie on the sofa and watch TV.

5. My dog managed to bite ______ on the leg and we were laughing so much.

6. We must learn to love __________ before we can love others.

7. Lucky and Spirit have gotten to know __________ better in recent months.

8. Her name is Ellie Sattler, but we call _______ Ellie.

9. She becomes angry _______ when she doesn't get her way.

10. You will see ______ at the next event. We will be there.

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Reflexive Pronouns - Intermediate Level