Relative Clauses - Who / That / Which Quiz

Choose the correct option

1. The girl _____ was injured in the accident is now in hospital.

2. Helen works for a company _____ makes furniture.

3. I’ve heard it’s a good hotel, but I don’t know anyone _____ has stayed there.

4. We live in a world _______ is changing all the time.

5. The driver _____ caused the accident was fined £500.

6. I don’t like stories ______ have unhappy endings.

7. Danielle said some things about me _______ were not true.

8. The people _____ were arrested have now been released.

9. The bus _______ goes to the airport runs every half hour.

10. The house _______ was ruined by the flood has now been rebuilt.

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Relative Clauses - Who / That / Which