Relative Pronouns Quiz

Choose the correct option

1. I’ll never forget the day ______ I lost my suitcase at the airport.

2. The place we liked the most was Durdle Door beach, _______ nature is still pretty much untouched.

3. When she got to the building, there were at least 10 other people ______ were also applying for the job.

4. On the AGT show, Lea Kyle quickly changes her clothes, _______ are styled by her designer.

5. Do you like the hamster _____ is eating the pizza?

6. I used to teach French to children _______ first language was English.

7. The lady with _______ I spoke at the showroom yesterday is a designer.

8. I was initially hired as a data entry clerk, _______ role was to enter data into a computer from forms.

9. The football field ________ they usually play is drenched.

10. I don't remember the service agent name with _______ I spoke on the phone.

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Relative Pronouns