Reported Speech Quiz

Choose the correct reported speech option

1. Julia said, ‘I want to visit my friends this weekend.’

2. Hiroto said, 'I'm studying English a lot at the moment.’

3. ‘Drink plenty of water’, the doctor said to me.

4. Tom asked me, 'Have you finished reading the newspaper?'

5. Anna said, ’I don’t have much free time.’

6. Amelia said, ’I really wish I had bought that new car.’

7. Helen said, ‘I want to go to Dubai next year.’

8. Cheryl asked her, 'How long have you lived here?'

9. They said, ‘We must get going. Otherwise, we’re going to be late.’

10. Sarah was driving too fast, so I said to her, ’Please slow down.’

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Reported Speech