Spell Check Quiz

Choose the correct spelling from the provided options and find the correct answer.

1. We should dress formally for a ceremonial _________.

2. ________ is not currently sitting because party conferences are taking place.

3. Enter your ______ or postcode to find the nearest store.

4. What ______ language are you learning at school?

5. The student continued to ______ 'Llama', even after his teacher reminded him to add 'll' at the beginning.

6. Janet intervened to put an end to the _______.

7. The man asked her an _______ question, and the woman slapped him.

8. The government will _______ any property purchased with money obtained illegally.

9. This is a _________ about how people express their respect in their culture.

10. A _______ licence is required if you want to sell items in one of the antique shops.

11. Police start talking to _________ to persuade them to get off the road before they are arrested.

12. After discovering the writer’s ______, the editor fired him.

13. Our cabin on the cruise ship can ________ up to families of five to eight people.

14. We __________ you keep your insurance card with you at all times.

15. The seasons change four times a year, which is a natural ________.

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