Conjunctions - Subordinating Quiz

Use the correct subordinating conjunction to complete the sentence.

1. ___________ it is really cold, the sun shines brightly.

2. It doesn't matter how it tastes __________ you do not eat it.

3. I am cutting the cake into many pieces ________ everyone can get a piece.

4. My friend fell into a coma ______ he got into a car accident.

5. I’m not sure _________ she'll get accepted to university.

6. Can you double check this e-document just ________ there aren’t any errors?

7. _________ attempting to study, Jeong often gets side tracked.

8. Victor doesn’t believe him _______ he tells the truth.

9. I don’t like Baklava _________it’s too sweet.

10. I usually sit around in my office _______ my boss gives me work to do.

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Conjunctions - Subordinating