Tenses - Intermediate Level Quiz

What is your score in this English Grammar Tenses Test?

1. The kids ______________ football since 2o’clock.

2. I__________ meet him at the airport tomorrow.

3. I expect Anna will be tired when she arrives. She _____________ for over 20 hours.

4. My dad ________________ by the age of 60.

5. How much money _____________ in the company?

6. Richard needed a holiday break because he _________ hard for six months.

7. The snowman _______________ when the sun shone.

8. The waitress served something that I _____________.

9. ______ you see those beautiful twin rainbows this morning?

10. How long _______________ on the phone?

11. Which form of the past tense is used to indicate the cause of a past result?

12. I bet Manchester United ___________ the title by the end of the tournament.

13. We _______________ new branches all over England soon.

14. Patrick Star ______________ a bath for two weeks.

15. Our pet generally ________ a lot during the day.

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Tenses - Intermediate Level