Advanced Body Parts Vocabulary Quiz

Test your vocabulary knowledge about body parts with this quiz.

1. Lean forward and down until you feel a stretch in the ______ of the straight leg.

2. Most of the women aged 16-24 have piercings at spots other than the _______.

3. Measure your neck size with a measuring tape just below your _______________ for more exact proportions.

4. Because of his magnificent ________________, Maxime Medard was nominated for the best facial hair in rugby in 2009.

5. When my baby cries, he gets collapse above the _____________ and becomes hard to touch.

6. The foot ______ is an important sensory tissue in standing balance control.

7. To increase your body's blood circulation, stand with the ____________ of your head on the floor.

8. The airbag in the steering wheel will protect the head and ____________.

9. Pascal replied with a chuckle that bunched the ______________ around his dark brown eyes.

10. Chris Hemsworth’s recently revealed that blood flow restriction training helps him build his _____________.

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Advanced Body Parts Vocabulary