Family Members Vocabulary Quiz

Test your vocabulary knowledge about family members with this quiz.

1. My father has a brother. His name is James. James is my _____________.

2. My older brother loves his mum and dad. To me, who are they? ____________.

3. My mother has a sister. Her name is Tia. Tia is my ___________.

4. The mother of my father’s mother is my _______________.

5. The three children of my aunt are my ____________.

6. My sister’s daughter is good at dancing. I love my little ______________ so much.

7. My grandma’s daughter is my _____________.

8. My wife’s brother’s name is Daivis. Daivis is my ________________.

9. My mother's mother married when she was 22 years old. Her spouse is my ____________.

10. When we visit my husband's mother, she always cooks for us. My ______________ is wonderful.

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Family Members Vocabulary