Intermediate Level Vocabulary Quiz

Find the correct vocabulary for the following questions.

1. I felt ___________ yesterday when I saw the news.

2. My parents want me to go to _____________.

3. My friend ___________ 'Goodnight' to me every day.

4. There were __________ 200 people at the carnival.

5. Dannie doesn't __________ what we do. It’s all the same to him.

6. The ____________ is for making tea.

7. Farnaz wakes up when the alarm clock ___________.

8. Ethan would like to __________ a special geology course.

9. I go online _____________ times a day.


How do you say this email address?

11. We are going on a ____________ [includes flight and hotel] holiday to Nepal.


Where do they need to go? “I'd like to buy meat for tomorrow's lunch.”

13. Do you often ____________ music or films from the internet?

14. A ___________ is when there is a strong wind and rain together.

15. You can find a cash ____________ at the end of this high street.

16. __________ after 9 kids at home keeps me busy.


How do you say the symbol "/" in English?

18. The Prime Minister is the __________ leader of the country.

19. There was ______________ at the school last night.

20. Use the photocopier in the library, as this one is ______________.

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Intermediate Level Vocabulary