B2 Level Vocabulary Quiz

Find the right vocabulary for the following sentences

1. For improving faculty morale, I will _______________ several ideas at the faculty meeting.

2. Sarah was accused of ______________ her former boss.

3. A rise in petrol prices inevitably leads to a rise in the cost of ______________.

4. The price of goods is high, and it is __________________ to the amount of money you earn.

5. My bank has a lot of branches overseas, so I could _____________ my own account easily.

6. The Korean course is for absolute beginners so no ________________ is required.

7. Children may display _______________ of either of their parents.

8. A CRM system will help you _______________ data to target the audience with personalized campaigns.

9. On New Year’s Day, people often stop and reflect on all that happened in the ______________ year.

10. We made one last ______________ effort to move the broken-down car.

11. The flooding river ____________ into a giant sea and engulfed the city.

12. Mixing chemicals may cause a chemical ___________.

13. The teacher kept stopping her online lesson ____________ to check if her students were following it.

14. Everyone should travel; it really __________ the mind.

15. Students who do not learn to read before they finish ____________ school struggle throughout the rest of their education.

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B2 Level Vocabulary