Weather Vocabulary Quiz

Test your vocabulary knowledge of the weather with this quiz.

1. We couldn’t see the bridge because there was too much ____________.

2. It was a cool day with fitful _____________.

3. The sky is _______________ this morning, but the sun is supposed to come out by late afternoon.

4. An unexpected _____________ storm hit the beach, forcing swimmers and sunbathers to flee.

5. In the office, there was an uncomfortably high level of _____________.

6. Everything in its path was snatched up by the ______________, including animals and cars.

7. The rain was ___________ the windows.

8. Heavy ___________ is reported at a few locations around Glasgow.

9. Kattie loves the gentle sea _____________ while standing in the sun.

10. _____________ days are more suitable for outdoor yoga.

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Weather Vocabulary